Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks
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Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks

Hi, my name is Em. I am the party girl in my group of friends. Somehow, whether it's a small flat with a handful of friends or a hired ballroom at a fancy hotel, I can make any situation feel like a party. As I cannot plan parties every day of my life, I decided to create a blog of some of my favourite party hacks. Want to learn how to choose the most festive music? Want to learn how to write the menu or how to get the guests dancing or talking? If so, explore these posts. They will guide you toward the level of festivity your next party needs. Party on!


Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks

Unforgettable Parties | 3 Unusual Family-Friendly Party Hire Venues To Throw An Extraordinary Office Party

Candice Ford

You've been entrusted with the task of planning the perfect family-friendly office party for the holiday season and you certainly want to make it a celebration to remember − not only so your office colleagues and their families can have a good time, but also because there's a coveted promotion you're vying for. Before making any party plans, you've got to pick a venue suitable for both kids and adults − but this can be daunting when most office parties are usually a snooze fest for children. You'll need to consider an inclusive atmosphere for adults and children alike. Make a big impression with these unusual family-friendly venues doubling up as brilliant party hire alternatives.

Zoos and Aquariums

With a multitude of exotic animals and aquatic life parading around zoos, and aquariums they make unusually exciting choices when it comes to hosting an office party − the kids will have a great time observing their favourite creatures on display. Throw in an animal and sea life themed idea and offer your guests a roaring wild time! Many zoos and aquariums offer exclusive venue areas for hosting parties, which you could hire partially or fully depending on your crowd. Some of them may offer in-house catering, but you could also check with them about the possibility of getting your own catering to serve the guests. This would depend entirely on the zoo or aquarium where you're hosting the party. Usually the venues will allow your guests to wander around to enjoy the animals and sea life and then meet back at the function area for food and drinks.


Museums are excellent party hire choices when you're looking to make history by hosting a truly unforgettable party. And it's a great learning experience for the children. Museums are a distinctive destination with oodles of culture and heritage waiting for your guests. Dazzle your office colleagues and their families with the party of a lifetime, as you recreate a historical theme for the night. Turn the entire night into an 18th century extravaganza to make old-world charm a new-age attraction. Most museums offer function venues for guests to gather for a party, after enjoying the sights in the museum. In most cases, you may have to plan your own catering, but some museums will offer in-house catering and bar services. 

Parklands by Lakes

If you're looking to recreate a casual but beautiful environment for families, consider hosting your office party at a park that sits on the bed of a lake for a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Many recreational parks offer amenities like barbeques, children playgrounds, sporting areas and waterfronts, making this a unique experience for your office colleagues and their families to enjoy together. You will need to check with the local council of the area, as you will need a permit to host an office gathering in a public park. You will need to plan everything from the décor and permits to the bar and catering at a public park.

Choosing unusual family-friendly party hire venues will ensure that your office get-together will be remembered for years to come − and you'll be one step closer to your desired promotion.