Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks
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Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks

Hi, my name is Em. I am the party girl in my group of friends. Somehow, whether it's a small flat with a handful of friends or a hired ballroom at a fancy hotel, I can make any situation feel like a party. As I cannot plan parties every day of my life, I decided to create a blog of some of my favourite party hacks. Want to learn how to choose the most festive music? Want to learn how to write the menu or how to get the guests dancing or talking? If so, explore these posts. They will guide you toward the level of festivity your next party needs. Party on!


Choosing the Best Music and Other Party Hacks

Having a backyard fair for a child's birthday

Candice Ford

As you'll probably realise by now, kids parties are not what they used to be. Not only have the entertainment options expanded but also the expectation on food and decor is now much higher. A backyard fair is a great way to embrace a theme while still having some DIY touches. Here are some ideas to make over your backyard for a country fair.

Hire some food machines

Hire some machines that can make traditional fair food like fairy floss and popcorn. Hot dog stands are a great option for some warmer food, and using food stands provides not only the food but also adds to the atmospheric decor of your backyard. Get some volunteers to jump in and man the stands as fairy floss and popcorn are both very hot during the initial stages, and you don't want small children to try and make their own snacks and get hurt!

The whole barnyard

Travelling petting zoos can often come to the house with a couple of suitably gentle and friendly animals for the children to pet. Be sure to either get enough animals for all the kids to have a turn, or split the group into smaller groups as the animals can get stressed if their are too many children making noise around them.

DIY circus

Rather than having professional entertainers perform, why not get a performer to come and teach the children some circus stunts or magic tricks? Kids love to learn new skills and this can often be just as engaging for the children as a live show. Maybe the birthday child could even learn some tricks to show to their friends!

Look into party hire businesses if you want to go big with a fair theme and get a marquee.

Sideshow alley

Rather than traditional party games, put on some sideshow games to win prizes. While shooting duck may be ambitious, bobbing for apples or racing to eat doughnuts off a string is very easy to do. You can also set up games like knocking over tin cans to win a prize or bowling games inside. These can be a fun way for you to involve your child in preparing for the party ahead of time, by planning games and transcribing the rules of each games onto a large poster card to hang beside the games stations.

Have fun at your child's party. Remember that being rustic is part of the fair's charm, so hire your equipment and make what you can. The kids will enjoy it no matter what!